When to start your wedding dress shopping

You're engaged-Congratulations! The date is set and the venue booked so now you can start thinking about wedding dress shopping.

We normally advise brides to start their dress shopping at least  a year before the wedding date as many wedding dress designers have between four to six month lead times which many brides are not aware of. If you are having any design changes to your gown this can extend these times.

We(and I'm sure you) would prefer your gown to be with us at least a  couple of months before the wedding as this allows plenty of time for any alterations required and also gives us some contingency should a delivery be delayed(its rare but it can sometimes happen!).

So what can you do if you haven't got a year till your wedding?

There are a couple of options.You can order a rush cut ie. a shortened delivery time which is offered by most designers-there is a charge for this which varies from designer to designer but is normally between £60 to £150. Your other option is to buy a gown of the rail.If you are a Uk size 12-16 this can be a good option as many bridal boutique's samples are in this range so there will be  a reasonable choice.Outside of these sizes it can be a little more difficult and your choice maybe more limited. If you are buying off the rail you can normally expect to purchase the gown at a discounted price.

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