Your Appointment

What can I expect

Your appointment will last for 90 minutes and you and your guests will be the only people in the boutique.

When it comes to the number of guests you bring with you please think carefully-fewer is often best.Over the years I have seen many brides totally overwhelmed because they are getting so many conflicting opinions. Think about who you trust to give you an honest opinion but also keeps in mind what suits you rather than just what they like.

I generally recommend wearing lighter coloured underwear and please no fake tan.

The only things you need to bring with you are any pictures of styles you would like to try.(If you have seen a dress on our website that you would like to try please let us know before the appointment so we can ensure it is available for you to try).The pictures give us a starting point in our search for your perfect dress although very often you will decide on a completely different style .This is not something to worry about-after all a wedding dress is not something you wear everyday If you have no ideas that's fine as well-I can explain the different styles available to you and we can decide which you would like to try.The most important thing is to come with an open mind because often the dress you choose will be one which didn't appeal to you on the hanger.

When you arrive we will sit down to chat about your wedding plans,your venue,if you have a theme for your wedding and any particular concerns that you have.(this includes I don't like my arms,my bottom etc!!), The information you give me will help me to build up a picture of your style of wedding and help me advise you on gowns to try..

The number of wedding dresses you try is only limited by the length of the appointment.As we go through your selections I will set aside any possibilities and leave time for you to retry at the end of the appointment.

Our samples in store range from UK8 to Uk 26 but unfortunately we cannot have every dress in every size .We have lots of experience of clipping or pinning gowns so that you can get a good idea of how they will look when they are the correct size for you.

When it is time to try the dresses you will be shown to the dressing room where you will undress.I will hand you the dress you are going to try and you will step into it. Once you are in the dress I will open the curtains so I can fasten the gown- I am always mindful of the fact that it can be intimidating to undress in front of a stranger so will always ask if it is okay for me to enter.

How do you know its"The One"? Every bride is different-some have the full on emotional reaction/lightening bolt experience,with others it is just a feeling that they are comfortable in the dress and like what they see in the mirror. The most important question to ask yourself "Can I see myself wearing this on my wedding day and feeling confident and beautiful ?"

And when we find you "THE ONE" its time to celebrate with a glass of fizz!!

Contact us now to book your private appointment at the best bridal shop in Surrey(that's how our brides describe us!!)