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Can wedding Dresses be let out/made bigger?

Can wedding Dresses be let out/made bigger?

Thursday 2nd July 2020

A quality wedding dress will normally have reasonably generous seam allowances so can let out by a couple of inches.
If your wedding dress is too small on the bodice area and has a zip fastening you could have the zipper removed and the fastening converted to a corset style laced back.This normally costs between £80 to £100.

One problem that can occur when considering letting out a wedding dress is if the internal seams have been cut into/notched which is sometimes done to allow the seams to sit flat.This would obviously restrict the amount the gown can be let out.

Another problem is that any beading or lace on the gown may not have been carried into the seam allowances so that when the gown is let out there would be an area which would need to be rebeaded or have lace replaced.

As you can see letting out a wedding dress is generally best left to a professional seamstress experienced in wedding dress alterations and not to someone who "does a bit of sewing"!

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