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When should wedding dress alterations be done?

When should wedding dress alterations be done?

Friday 31st July 2020

At Encore Evenings and Bridal we normally like to start alterations about 4-6 weeks before your wedding date. We do this as many brides are trying to slim and also because often you will lose a few pounds with nervous energy and rushing around completing last minute preparations in the run up to your wedding day .

Of course if you would prefer alterations to be completed sooner we are happy to do this but please be aware that if you have to have more alterations done because of weight loss/gain closer to your wedding day then there will be an additional charge for these.

Not every bridal boutique works in the same way so if you have bought your dress elsewhere it is a question worth asking when you are purchasing your gown.

Some bridal shops do not get involved in the alterations to their gowns and will give you a list of recommended seamstresses.I would advise ringing the seamstress straight away and just ask her what is her policy regarding alterations timing and how busy she expects to be for the time you require -it may be advisable to book a fitting well in advance so she can accomodate you.

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