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How much does a  wedding dress cost?

How much does a wedding dress cost?

Saturday 15th October 2022

Wedding dresses vary in price but as a rough guideline for a Made to Order dress you would normally expect to pay around £1000 upwards .This is for a dress that is made for you in a standard Uk size-if you wanted a fully made to measure dress then the price would rise to about £1200.Our Made to Order range is currently priced between £949 and £1499.
If your budget is smaller why not consider an Off The Rail dress-we always have a large selection and I'm sure most other shops do as well. An off the rail dress is generally an ex-sample gown so will have been tried on by other brides in the shop but we keep all our samples clean and in good repair so they are in excellent condition. Our Off the rail collection is priced from £99 to £800.Price is dictated by the condition of the dress and the original selling price-most of ours are reduced by 50% at least.
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